Our Clients

While it’s certainly possible for you to dive in for Museum in a Box with a Make Your Own kit, you might also like to consider using the full weight of our expertise to develop a Collection you know will engage and delight your audience.

We can take care of everything, from digitisation to content production, reaching into our amazing network of creatives and drawing on our experience.

So far, commissions have been made to support oral history collection, collaboration with artists, reminiscence therapy, gathering community response, enhancing education/outreach, and broadening reach of collections.

If you’d like to find out more, please let us know with a quick Expression of Interest.

Commissioning Institutions

Have a look at the collections we’ve made so far.

How do commissions work?

Broadly speaking, making a Museum in a Box consists of addressing the following questions:

  1. Audience
    • Who will use the Box?
    • Who is the target audience? How old are they?
    • Where will it be used? How often?
    • What do you want the Box and Collection to do?
    • Are you interested in this Collection being available on the broader Museum in a Box platform?
  2. Objects
    • What do you want in your Collection?
    • Are they photographed or digitised?
    • Are there any rights issues? Can you assign an open license to the digitised versions?
    • How will they be printed? (2D postcards or 3D prints)
    • How many copies do you want?
    • Do you want custom Collection packaging?
  3. Content
    • What’s the story?
    • Who will write it?
    • Who will perform it?
    • Do we need post-production on the audio?
  4. Boxes
    • How many do you need?

The cost of each commission is derived from the box’s contents, who will produce what, and how objects will be printed. Once we understand what will be in the box that we can determine production cost.


We’ll happily discuss a commission with you at any time, so if you’re interested, please send us your Expression of Interest!