The Box

Find out about all our prototype boxes and what we’re exploring with each round.

What is it?

A Museum in a Box is small acrylic or plywood box. It comes with a collection  of objects – 3D prints, postcards, documents, maps and the like;  anything you can pick up and touch – and can be sent anywhere in the world!

Evolution of the Box

We made the very first functional prototype back in November 2015. A lot has happened since then, as we’ve gradually and carefully refined the design. Our goal for 2019 was to make 1,000 boxes, and we’ve made great strides in “handcrafted manufacturing” to cut our assembly time down to about 15 minutes per box. For reference, we made three boxes in two days the first time we tried it.

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i saw on blender nation you are doing a course in london tomorrow. I am in Malta but very interested in seeing. Is it possiblke that you will be filming/recording this event and be able to share ?

many thanks

Hi Jonathan – Sorry I’m a bit late replying to this. Yes, the course was yesterday, and it went well! We don’t film or record the event… at least not yet! Sorry about that.

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