Release Notes

This list isn’t perfect, but it’s a place to let us show progress on the codebases, and box design. Don’t forget to boop your pink UPDATE card every now and then to get the latest update!

Here’s the Kit – there’s the pink Update card!

Box Software


  • Version released to the #myomb pilots. Introduced the RFID-RC522 reader hardware


  • God from the sea object added


  • Box reports its IP address to heart so users don’t have to rely on box.local


  • Switch to miab-brain NodeJS software from NodeRED.
  • Box now configured by saving a box-config.json file to the SD card, rather than via box.local:1880/setup
  • “Try Me” collection added
  • “Admin” collection now just has the hello / WiFi / updates cards
  • v1.3 hardware (integrated PCB with RTC, I2S DAC)

1.0.1 (3 February 2020)

  • Bug Fix: MuseumInABox WiFi network didn’t show up when the WiFi card was booped. Now it does.

1.1.0 (20 March 2020)

Better WiFi setup and handling of problems getting online when you’re either configuring the WiFi or checking for updates.

  • It’s now possible to forget WiFi networks in case they’re causing problems
  • Bug Fix: IP address and version number weren’t updated on heart quickly enough, which sometimes caused the Write Stickers UI to break
  • The configure WiFi card now checks for some of the problems it might encounter and gives better error messages
  • Master volume lowered to counteract buzzing at high volumes