How does it work?

photo of a Box
This is our Version 1 Box design, launched February 2018 (and missing a volume knob in this picture!)

Each Box contains a Raspberry Pi, a speaker, an amp, an NFC reader, and a progress bar (that tells you when the Box has warmed up). You can plug in an external speaker if you want it really loud, and we’ve also exposed a USB port, though we’re not quite sure what to do with that yet. (We’re thinking about plugging a microphone into it so you can record your own stuff.)

illustration of box componentry
Box components @ Feb 2018. Illustration by Charlie Cattel-Killick


Boxes come pre-loaded with Collections, and if you connect it to your wifi network, they can also get updates, either about your Collections or the software that runs the Box.

We’d love to help museums to share their latest news and discoveries with classrooms around the  world, and for students to create their own responses to objects through a recorder in the box. We’re in the early stages of developing a Make Your Own version.

The Box also notes whenever an object is “booped” on it, creating a history of use that’s never existed before. Museums will know which objects and their audio are interesting to people through this “boop log” that records when objects are used.

Here’s a time-lapse of George assembling a Box:

Box Assembly Timelapse from Museum in a Box on Vimeo.